• H A L F   O P E N E D   H A L F   E N C L O S E D

  •         Baan Koh Mak is a get-away house project located on one of the most untouched islands on the eastern part of Thailand, Koh Mak. The owner has a strong passion to live here for every time he has a break from his career abroad. Also he expects to invite his guesses from around the world to come over and enjoy their private time.

           The site is about 200 meters far from the beach; however with the advantage of the sloping terrain, it is possible for the owner to take the sea view if a house is elevated high enough. On the upper side of the land plot, there is a small existing 1-storey house. As a result the requirements have come to the conclusion of one new building with two floors for the owner and his family members, and the other one is the remodel of the existing house for the guesses.

           With such a brief, we have arrived at the concept of “Half opened – Half enclosed” so that we can manage the quality of space for different purposes well enough. The design offers various types of transitional spaces from the landscape between two houses to the parameters of each building and to the interior spaces on each floor. The concept will allow the users to alternate their activities in relationship to the island atmosphere with different climates in a year.