As soon as the atelier has received the first contact from any project initiative, we will make an arrangement for the first meeting with the owner and other related parties if required in order to discuss about "the project outline and its objectives". Due to the fact that this very first meeting is considered significant for the project itself, we would highly recommend all parties participate; take it as A MUST.


After the atelier team has gotten the project brief from the first meeting and from the site survey, we then have to summarize our scope of work. The scope of work will elaborate types of responsibility that the atelier has to take part within the project time frame and the rough estimation that the owner may have to spend. Consequently we can define our workload and translate it into the quotation. Once the project owner has approved the quotation and then has signed the contract, the atelier will officially kick off the project.


At this preliminary stage, the atelier will offer a few alternative project solutions, so called "schematic designs", based on the given information along with some researches that we find significant to the project. Certainly, we will have to study on all related laws and regulations, which directly results in the project feasibility. Each scheme will present different project possibility with its advantages. Working closely with the owner as a team, the project will slowly take shape to achieve its objectives and its goal under the budget consideration. In order to prevent an infinite discussion and to keep the project going within its timeframe, we should be able to select the right direction within 5 design schemes. However if we cannot do it within 5, it means there must be something wrong on and we may have to go through the project brief again.


As soon as one scheme or one direction has been selected and officially approved by the owner, we will develop the design to its details. Apart from meeting with the owner on the design development, the atelier team will need to work back and forth with the engineers, consultants and some experts to finalise the design. At this level, we have to make clear on what the final design will really look like through different kinds of presentation and discuss about the construction process as well as how budget can possibly be allocated.


After the final design has been approved from the project owner, it’s time for “Documentation” which need to be sent for licensing before start any construction. INchan atelier then’ll pause our meetings with the owner (We keep in touch via call and email instead) in order to get back into project’s technical details with engineer, draftsman, and architect team, we work together in every processes to find the best ideas and solutions making the project complete successfully. this stage will take at least 3 months before clients fully receive the refined documents.


After the documents were sent, clients may contact directly to the Department of Land for requesting the approval license, these may take 1.5 months up to 2 months depends on the government process. by the same time, a copy of document will also be sent to the contractor in order to calculate a total cost and inform back to the owner for preparing cost management or get some advise from the bank. At this part, INchan atelier team’ll stay as the owner’s partner in order to find the best contractor to built your project comes true. After got the approval license and contractor, then your project is ready to start as soon as possible. Normally construction steps will start from Building Breaking, Ground Preparing, Worker’s Camp Setting then Kick off.


Each project requires different time-consuming for construction, not only depends on its scale but also the level of project’s complication and construction management. Even those issues were taken care by the construction manager, but INchan atelier will also provided you with minimum 8 visits. (Additional visit will be add following to project’s scale), in order to cross-check the construction tasks compare with our technical drawing, to ensure that all processes which are : Materials, Design Detailing , Structure and Systems will be the same as Project’s Final Design its looks.


In every projects of Renovation, Commercial, Mall, Residential, Shop Design, Office Building and so on, It’s our deep honored to succeed those wonderful projects together with our clients. And, to make sure that we’ll take care of your project all along, we’re happy to get our last design fee payment till when the project beautifully done and reach the customer’s satisfaction. If you like our passion too, and would love to get more information, please feel free to contact us.